Antique Storage Box

Many months I have been using plastic boxes to store my chemicals. Nothing wrong using them really, though one thing that I noticed whenever I walk into my work room, the smell of ether was a bit too overwhelming.

Antique storage box

Ideally I was looking for those “Lock & Lock” type tupperwares, which at that point around my brief search none could fit the height of my glass bottles.

Then, while walking around antique store, I noticed a wooden box, which was a storage box which it was either meant for shipping or railway, which I think it might have been the latter.

Sold to me at £10, it wasn’t a bad purchase, considering its age and in pretty intact condition.

With dovetail joints, strong canvas straps, and stainless steel clasps & hinges, it still is in decent shape. Though the screws needed to be replaced as all of them rotted away in rust. The interior was padded with compact foam, which surprised me that it didn’t shrivel or turn to dust, it feels and observed almost in perfect shape.

The box itself might be mahogany, and the labels were still legible.

It fits almost all I need to work, the developers, the silver nitrate solution, silver nitrate crystals (for topping up), my fixer, and more room for other bottles and what not apparatuses.

When closed, the smell of ether almost dissipates and I could only notice if I was a few feet from it.

I chucked in a brick of charcoal in it, which significantly reduced down the smell and also a dash of silica gels to suck out any water or humidity within.

All I need to work on next is to make proper spacers and foams, so none of the bottles would bang into one another if I decide to use this as a travel containment.

Antique storage box

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