Landscape Lens

Custom box, material: Carbonised Bamboo

Similar to the previous post on the external box made for the damaged silver tank (see post here), I had used the leftovers from my previous project which utilises the carbonised bamboo material.

I began to see the square patterns, the soft yet sturdy material bamboo began to grew on to me.

Though it is still tough to decide whether if this might be a material of preference, as the finishing of it (using Tung oils & Liberon clear wax), brings out the tones quite vividly.

The landscape lens, which I bought late last year was without any flange or any sort of external casing to protect it. But I start to see this could be decently presented and made constructively with wood glue. 

Almost like a Lego construction, fun and usable to play around with.

Everything fits like a glove. The lens is safely stored alongside with its Waterhouse stops. The internal of the box is padded with foam (not shown) to secure the lens.

I’d probably add later some small neodymium magnets to stick the top cover to the box alongside the lips of it.




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