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Mr Cad of London

While visiting the city of London for a day, I had the chance to drop by few places which is of interest for old photo enthusiasts: Mr CAD and a camera antique store in Portobello Road (see here for the blog post)

Though I did not have the time on this visit to drop by MWClassics and few other places, I would like to share a brief visual notes on places which one might be interested to go for analogue photo gears which are eye candies.

Mr CAD’s Store, London

Mr Cad’s store is the place where you will definitely find something that will bring trouble with your better half on what more excuses you will come up with bringing back more camera gears/darkroom stuff.

They have all one needs to go for their darkroom and camera fix as they stock generously of films, papers, chemistries and gears.

12 Upper Tachbrook St, London SW1V 1SH

Two helpful store attendants, David and David, had been quite helpful in assisting me looking for several items I need in completing my upcoming darkroom. However, Alex, is a wonderful chap which I enjoy jesting and talk about cameras and the swapping darkroom tips. Be wary of his cynical remarks on anything internet and digital, as he does detest them openly.

David’s balancing darkroom gears up high towards the ceiling
Alex describing the contact easel in ways of coercing me to buy it there and then.

The Jaynay contact easel, flexible, large and quite reasonably priced… Though the glass was cracked, everything else is smooth and worked. I might buy this, if it make sense for me.

The ‘Jaynay’ enlarging/ contact easel, most likely post 1920s, based on brief look of the screws  and brass joints.
Enlarging & Contact Easel

Alex took me of a brief tour of the new next door store which he plans to dedicate it for large format and darkroom materials.

Upcoming expansion of Mr CAD, dedicated to LF and darkroom
LF lenses
LF Studio cameras

They have almost every thing one needs to build the complete darkroom many times over, and I saw they even have the darkroom sink!

LF Cameras
More plate holders and darkslides

I was looking out for a 5×7 plate holders and back, but I was told by Alex that someone in Manchester had dibs first…. Hmmmm.

Daylight enlarging contraption
Daylight enlarging contraption
And before we left, I saw something beautiful perched in the midst of the shelves. I had to have it!

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