Portobello’s Antique Camera

Portobello’s Market Antique Camera Store

Almost immediate after my visit at Mr Cad (see here for the blog post), I went off to the Portobello’s Street Market.

Though this is a common place for one to be in the midst of touristy area and sometime one could find one or two trinkets which may pass for antique, if you’re into camera like I do, drop in to a small hidden antique camera store where one could find some good decent photo gears and collectible gems.

The store’s owner, Joseph, a friend, and also my go to guy if I need any missing camera parts when I started building my gears few years back.

Portobello street market are usually packed with people, sometime there are some valuable items that could be purchased at somewhat decent prices. However, I would not be bothered as the cameras were at ‘collector’s price’ and most of the time, it’s barely workable condition.

Location of the camera antique store, within the Red Lion’s antique market

The antique camera store usually opens Monday-Saturdays, and sometime I had found some road vendors (nearby the store on the road side) do sell cameras and gears, however, the selections were vary and it was hard to negotiate anything to reduce the prices down.

Once enter the market (there’s three entrances or passageway in, but all are linked), & also there’s the vintage ‘Kodak’ signage, which tells you that you are at the right place.

The Vintage Kodak signage
The cameras
Magic lanterns and stereoscopic gears

Magic lanterns
More cameras ii

Camera stand

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