Camera “Baginet”

Luggage Bag to Storage Cabinet


Vintage brown luggage bag to be re-purpose

Routine trips to car boot certainly brings a lot of oddities to home.

Junks mostly, thinking if any of the items not related to home decor or apparels will be of any use.

One of many was a luggage brown bag which I thought was a nice piece, seems like a 1940s article.

Though my wife was having a laugh when she saw me with it. She said I looked like Paddington Bear when I walked around with it. 

Days later, I still can’t find any use for it other than to store old clothes, which I think it’s a waste if left unused, and certainly not something I would dare to place this in airline baggage check-ins. A re-purposing project it is.

So I brought it over to the workshop, thinking it would make an interesting close cabinet.

The back of the bag would be fortified with thick 12mm birch plywood

Intended for this to be a small cabinet, I cut out slightly smaller dimension of 12mm birch plywood (roughly 20mm all sides) compare to the face dimension of the bag. This is to leave a bit of space all around and to hide the birch ply from view as this would be fixed to the back of the bag.

Placing the bag over the cut out plywood, I fixed the nails in to install the support fixture for the shelves.

Screw in the bracket support fixture

Once the wooden support is firmly fixed, then it’s quite a simple step to place the appropriate wooden plane or shelves into it.

Shelves fitted into the bag

Camera “baginet”

All the half plate cameras and it’s holders, lenses, and various other smaller cameras could be placed into this bag.

And it closes nicely as well, a 10 minutes mod of turning a luggage bag to a camera cabinet.

This article is not related to image making or making tools for it, but I will return soon to usual write up on it.



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