Sticky Solution

(Cheap) Solution to clean your skin of varnishes.

Now, doing collodion in various time, I usually spill onto my arm with Sandarac / acrylic varnish (sometime it drips up towards the elbow).

It’s a hassle and nuisance to rid of certainly; it’s sticky, and one spent a bit of time slouching over the sink scrubbing away with lot of soap, warm/hot water.

Sometime I used ethanol just to hasten the washing time, as I hate scrubbing my palm or hand more than needed. But that’s just plain expensive to wash up as if one using silk to wipe your *** (I think I am paraphrasing this from a movie… just not sure from which one)

My collegue at the woodshop had suggested me a solution to this problem as he fixes cars on the side:

Vegetable cooking oil.

Washing the sticky
Washing the sticky

Now, that just sounded silly and almost unbelievable.

Coincidently, I was varnishing some plates few hours ago and as usual, I spilled sandarac all over my left arm.

Recalling this tip, I headed over towards the kitchen (love to cite the rants from the mrs. from hogging the dishwasher to cleaning plates instead of house chores, now I am washing my hands with cooking oil! But that’s way too much to write for this blog post)

It worked.

Not that I could vouch for all types of vegetable cooking oil, but it was fast and almost too simple. Right after, I just wash off the cooking oil with warm water and soap.


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