Workspace, where this is my own private home within home.

A workspace is always a sacred space, regardless of how small apartment may be, as this where I hangout most of the time during day/night.

Which means the space is built to deter household chores, temporarily, though I could not guarantee that it nullifies any orders from your better half that parts of the house needs attending.

It’s a space where actual work really is a place to work, and also a space to hoard your precious lots you gained by mistake from online surfing as well.

Some of the items seen here were bought off from eBay, while the rest were built in the woodshop over at the university.

Now looking at it, it’s more like a chaos of various unfinished projects! Goodness how this seemed to be more like a benign signs of being a hoarder.

At some point, I feel like I need to get sell off more than half of these just to be content with essential tool.

Though I admit, my pleasure in making tools were driven by simple inquisitive desire to know whether if I am able to build or make the tools from the historical photographic processes.

 I thought this might be an interesting subject to be a collodion piece. Why not, I had yet to make many decent images since the fogging episode in the past few weeks.

Mini workshop, wet plate collodion on clear blue acrylic



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