Loaned the LED light panel from the University, I set to test it out if it’s any good to work on portraits. Previously it was tested with few table studies (see post here), which worked quite decently as these panels didn’t casts any deep dark shadows.

LED light panel

It’s battery operated, light weight and compact to work with.

But the real deal is to test it if it’s usable for portraits (it is, just not ideal). Running at full power and roughly 12 inches from the subject, the light is quite intense and the results of my sitter’s experience could be seen in this image. 

My daughter, Amelie, certainly is not a happy camper sitting out for this plate

I could not break the time exposure to be any less than 10 seconds of course, as the total exposure time was at 30 seconds and she was grumpy and agitated when I reached her after sensitising the plate.

Though nothing like a dad’s weapon of distraction (ice cream) to calm her down and relaxed her abit for the next plate. Studio photographers take note, ice cream is a valued tool just as good as your gray cards!


So far, I think the LED light panels works fine, though the best case where it belongs might be for fill light, until I find another stronger type or mixed with UV light panel as well.


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