Dirty Dev

Recently I restock my supplies of black aluminium from Wet Plate Supplies (excellent sized of the plates’ cuttings, cheers Kevin), which I highly recommend plus their selection of various wpc supplies are growing stronger.

Alongside restocking plates, I had a big letdown purchase from eBay was the stock ferrous sulphate developer, old, grainy and dirty.

Old iron sulphate, which would be trouble for attempts to use as developer

Now, I could have return it back, but my itchy curiosity to use it got the best of me. 

I never tried using this poor quality of dirt before and let’s see if I could overcome it.

I had read in Scully & Osterman manual in their troubleshooting section; poor quality ferrous sulphate this will cause aggravating (to the user) veiling, which means dirt layers would deposit across the plate upon developing.

Boy, it was something irritating, as this video shows…

While in the darkroom, I thought there was no developing going on as I didn’t see any images appearing, even up until fixing stage.

Though, upon wiping with cotton balls, then the image shows up.though there’s streaks of the dirt across it which I could not wipe off across the final plate.

This was a good lesson not to skimp on good quality crystals!

Though I had to try it out out of curiosity and also try to learn if the compensation factor of using this and the amount and methods of filteration as well.

On the final test plate, at least something decent came out.

Table Study, Neglected and Dying Flowers. Illuminated partially with UV flash.






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