Portrait of a friend

Making portraits with just one single light source from the window is just annoyingly limited, though I could have a great big reflector (which I don’t have), or just to go out and borrow from the university their LED panel (which I had used with my copy camera, refer to here).

But whenever (well once in blue moon) a good guest comes over, and they compliment what nice wooden camera you have, and how messy the darkroom is (I think it’s a compliment, which it made me looked that I worked hard and never had time to properly clean up the mess). Now that got me boiling to make a plate of my wonderful guest.

I had never been rushed to make plates, especially portraits with very little light gears, but hey, why not use the UV LED?

As I had previously posted, these works well in bringing out the mid tones (fill lights at best) and pump up the highlights as well.

Portrait of Dr Saiful, in the dark, even though it’s a bright day out!

Well, it’s just too dark for my liking, though I could give excuse that “I work with only Rembrant style lighting” (or was it Caravaggio?), or some noir lighting nonsense, my ambition is to do another, this time I start to paint his face with the LED UV flashlight.

Portrait of Dr Saiful, reworked.

Everything lit up.

The white of the eyes are white, and it got shape of his cranium in as well.

Though, I need to build me a head clamp soon, need a my sitters to just be in proper focus and not move their heads.

Though I need to stop scanning (horrible cheap, never in proper colour scanner) and set up proper ways in digitising my plates for easier workflow, I hate spending time post editing on desktop.

As for the images of the kids…

Portraits of two children with flowers, if you squint hard enough and imagine it too…

15 seconds exposure with a 3 year old and a 7 year giggling and starts to follow the wave of my UV flashlight.

I never stood a chance…


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