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A visit to a local charity shop here in Plymouth, sometime one could stumble across unexpected treasure. I favour much looking through old books as I love the feel across the pages for the tactile quality which is subtle, yet pleasant to the touch.

Pharmaceutical Formulas : Chemist & Druggist Series (1905, sixth ed.)
Pharmaceutical Formulas : Chemist & Druggist Series (1905, sixth ed.)

I had found a small, yet curious little book hidden among the shelves. It stated on the side side “Pharmaceutical Formula: Chemist & Druggist Series”, which I picked it up at a bargain price alongside my favourite author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which I picked up as well of the whole collection from “The Strand” magazines (1891-92) with illustrations by Sidney Edward Paget.

I thought it was interesting when I flipped through it and saw various recipes of almost everything that is consumable, fertilizers, hobby applications, medicinal, to household upkeeps, is in there. What is more interesting was there are recipes and formulas for Photography as well!

What joy it was to read through it! This will certainly go up in my private library alongside with various 19th Century Photographic Processes manuals.

Pharmaceutical Formulas
Pharmaceutical Formulas

Though I admit I do have a hard time deciphering the symbols, particularly the symbol “3”, alongside the roman numerical just to quantify the amount for the various ingredients. Plus some of the ingredients were foreign to me to even find, or more or less research for suitable substitute.

On the Photography’s formula, there’s ample on making Bromide plates, Developers, Reducers, Fixers, Varnishes, Toners, Iron-Printing Process, Platinotype, etc.

The attachment follow is just a small segment from the book for these recipes from this manual, there many various pages of interest (glass silvering, entire chapter of varnishes, etc.) but I don’t think I am able to scan them all in for the share.

Download the PDF here: Pharma_Formulas_1905

Note: It’s been 2 months since my last post and I need to get back into the work groove as the holiday bug is still hard to rid off!


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