Blacksmith of Dartmoor

For the past month, all I have had been doing was experimenting with chemistries, reading literatures, reading more literature, and sketching out and designing more apparatuses. I had almost forgot that I need to actually make images to actually learn what I read!

Many times I had forgotten, that sometimes, it’s nice to actually start building my own works, some sort of theme or narrative to convey why I do of what I do. Portraits would be a nice start, more likely I could actually practice talking to other people about this process to my stitters while doing pouring my plate.

Today, a local blacksmith, Mr. Richard Wood, a good collegue of mine over at the workshop had agreed to sit for me. Though his schedule was tight and he could only spare about an hour, wasn’t an easy feat as this process must not be rushed. Placing him at the usual corner chair, with the sun partially fills on one side and he placed his hammer across his lap, perfect.

He has a distinct look which fits in perfectly in Victorian times, we chuckled that he probably need to wear a gentleman’s suit, walking cane, certainly a top hat, which would be a feature that probably fool viewers of the portrait was made in the past.

More of his works and his role as a blacksmith here.

Mr. Richard Wood, Blacksmith of Dartmoor
Mr. Richard Wood, Blacksmith of Dartmoor
Portrait of Mr Richard Wood, Blacksmith of Dartmoor
Portrait of Mr Richard Wood, Blacksmith of Dartmoor

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