Portable Bamboo Red LED Lights for Darkroom

Battery powered Red LED Desk Lamp
Battery powered Red LED Desk Lamp

Since there’s an upcoming demo that I will be doing soon, the space that I am working in will be limited in terms of electrical supply and certainly the required red lightings.

Previously, I had used the red LED glasses (refer to post here), which works perfectly bright and useful for any directed view of the workspace. But it won’t be the right tool for show and tell certainly.

I decided to build a desk lamp to be my portable darkroom red light powered by a rechargeable 9V battery.

Red LED portable darkroom desk lamp, made of bamboo ply.

Using the same materials as I had always used before, the bamboo ply, I had gathered enough materials and just design as I go along, which is quite unusual as I always sketch before I make.

The base were mounted with a rocker switch red LED button.

The base was solid block, with the bottom mortised halfway depth to accommodate the square battery. The wiring were funneled through the top surface which were directed to the rocker switch.

Simple quick sketch of the wiring

I placed a small quick sketch of the wiring diagram if anyone interested to know.

It is simple, easily dismantled if needed as the attachment to the strip LED wires were only clamped down with M3 nuts and bolts.

Note: I had just recently realised that I will need to use 6xAA batteries 1800mA would be good, which has higher retaining power to sustain the LEDs brightness compared to the square 9V battery (200mA at most), considering that the strip of 30 superbright red LED takes up more juice, which it was noticeable it grew dimmer after 20 minutes of usage. For that reason, I will modify my LED light strip for my portable darkbox (refer to it here) in future post.


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