Headstand (Update)

headstand 1
Re-purposed DW (Drum World) cymbal stand for head rest / clamp.

A long overdue update on blog post on my headstand, which was finished few months ago.

I had tried several cymbal stands, guitar stands, lighting stands, in which none of them seems to hold down properly once prop against the sitter. The usual trouble is the wobbly movements of the head will render blurry image.

Though this will not promise any deterrence from it happening, if the shoot goes more than few seconds, which is usually the case if working with slow collodion.

Ideally, I prefer a good couch, as it is comfortable, consistent d.o.f., and it does bring in a bit of character and sort of identity of my own set-up.

The stand housed my ‘improv’ head clamp (refer to the DIY of it here), which were bent threaded M6 rod. As the end of each of the bar, I had placed lock nuts, which were meant to emulate firm touch to the sitter’s head.

I had found it to be too uncomfortable, which had me felt agitated and just as well not bother having it at all.

headstand 2
Cut up leather belt to raise comfort in holding the sitter’s head.

I had cut up a piece of leather belt, which are loosely strung between the ends of the rods. Sized perfectly to rest evenly for most of sitter’s head sizes.

headstand 3
The leather bit wraps around nicely and I find it comfortable to place my head without much ‘cold shock’ as my previously bare nut lock holders.

The stand, Drum World (DW) cymbal stand, is very heavy, solid construction, strong clamps and I am commending for it’s construction. Too bad they do not have them in black, which would be perfect to mask it and prevent lights bouncing off its shiny silver surface in the background. Though it is not much of a problem if you know where to place the lights.

headstand 4
Solid and heavy lock joints
headstand 5
Drum World Cymbal Stand

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