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It has been 4 months since my last post and my work activities had shifted me back to my home country, Malaysia.

I had been busy with my move, sorting out the space for my darkroom (which I admit, building it is so much worth the energy). But what is important is for me to move ahead in experimenting materials and design for my equipment projects.

I have variety of sketches which had taken me across several types of equipments, but what would be determined factor is the space that I will be working in and the materials that is available.

The wood workshop, such fun playground!

While searching through Klang Valley, I had stumbled on one wood working space which I fell in love with as they have tons (and metric tonnes too) of timber materials. Plus the tools were much more basic than the previous workshop that I had worked in Plymouth, UK, which is fine as I will have to improvise with what is available.

What came as a surprise was one of the timber material, the Merbau wood (Kwila), is a type of hard wood, that was aged for more than one hundred years, was retrieved from the prison which I had documented in 2002-03, the Pudu Jail. The prison had been demolished in phases in 2010 to 2014, in which various materials had been dispersed and reused.

The Merbau Hard Wood; a beautiful aged timber which once polished, will give a nice radiance of dark red finish and golden specks.

I was told that some people rather not use that material as it arrived from such “haunted” place, in which I do not subscribe to such believe such thing other than it came from a place which I had explored and had a good amount of understanding of the space.

Sketching and carving on another piece of wood scrap before moving onto the precious wood.

Now my ventures begin…


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