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I have been eager and ambitious to settle for another image-making session with another man whom I have high regards. As a matter of fact; he is a highly regarded by many for his literary works and poems. He is a soft spoken man, yet his voice was settled and stern; on top of his believe for the Malay language have the exceptional qualities to engage not only of our minds, but our hearts with simple structural play of stringed words.

This would be none other than Dato’ A. Samad Said, a gentleman and a great National Laureate (refer here to know more about him), had agreed to be my sitter for the afternoon.

The afternoon was greeted with a bright overcast, in which he chose to meet and have the session done at the National Mosque (Masjid Negara), in which was almost didn’t happen as it was done at the 11th hour, and I was limited to the provided space and time frame (all arranged in less than 30 hours with all the chemicals needed to be mixed and space arrangements done!).

Yet, I could not miss the chance to meet and have him as my sitter.


However, the image-making went on fine within the limited space given and time. Nonetheless, I was blessed that he had gave the gift that he gave for my son, A. Abraham, one of many of his finest poetry books, “Di Atas Padang Sejarah” (Standing on the Historical Field) with the specific intention that he will have it for his 18th birthday.


I had a peek into the literature as I had yet read it, the words and assemblage of meaning was deep and worth the immediate struggling feelings of the country’s woes. Today’s meeting had shifted my way of seeing more than I could imagine. The images I do have no bearing to satisfy the moments of others in the present, but actually to leave something that would be worth the curiosity for the future.




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