Iodine Crystal on Silver Plate

Sometime back, Dr Mike Robinson had shown participants in his workshop an image of a silver plate reacting with a small piece of elemental iodine.

Similar image were shared as well from Mark Osterman from his workshop over at the George Eastman House workshop.

Having a chance now to produce my own silver plates, which are too precious to do so on already expensive silver electroplated plates.

Once the plate was preheated, I immediately recorded this event to see for myself the animated result of the halogen acceleration with immediate effect on the silver surface.

It was beautiful to see the small ‘halo’ rendered surrounding the crystal, in which this is the manner in sensititing the silver plate. Looking directly at the iodine element, you could see a small waft of iodine fume influencing the shape of the halo and the spread of the halogen.


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