Career & Education

What I had taught

Senior Lecturer (& Assisting Lecturer for the Postgraduate Studies), Photography Department, Faculty of Art

University of Technology MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam Malaysia; 2007-2010

Lecturer, Photography Department, Faculty of Graphic Design

Lim Kok Wing University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia; 2005-2007

Freelance Camera Operator 2000-Present
Current projects: 19th Century Photographic Historical Processes & Image-making, Designing and re-designing its tools and apparatuses, and personal research.

What I had trained my mind

Doctor of Philosophy, School of Humanities, Faculty of Art University of Plymouth, UK 2010-2015
Dissertation: “Pudu Jail’s Graffiti: Beyond the Prison Cells”

Masters in Art, Visual Art & Communications, UiTM, Malaysia 2005
Dissertation: “Pudu Jail’s Graffiti: A General Taxonomy”

Bachelor in Fine Arts, Still-Based Media Studies (Photography);
CCAD, Columbus, Ohio 2001


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