Image-Objects: the quest with silver imaging

19th Century Image Making & equipments, wet plate collodion & daguerreotype



Headstand (Update)

Re-purposed DW Cymbal stand to Head Clamp / braces.



Old photographic historical processes exists in many forms, not limited to the major movements that arrived only from daguerreotypes, calotypes and the offspring from the wet plate collodion. One of my recent pieces which I had picked up was an... Continue Reading →

Daguerreotype Fuming Box (Ver 3-3) – March 2015

The current version 3-3 utilised the American strike-through fuming box design, though this particular box design carries a little twist of minimalist design to it. With the designs considered, the side panels were shaved off on the sides, the heights... Continue Reading →

Dag Fuming Box, Day 2, 3 & 4

For the past few days, there wasn't much excitement (or rather any hands on), as most of the time spent was on the computer to draaw out the design and put them through the CNC. Once the instructions were set,... Continue Reading →

Dag Fuming Box – Ver 3-3

After few attempts to get a desired source in making the box, this time around I had decided to use bamboo material as the base of my fuming / sensitising box. Utilising ready-made pyrex dish, the largest dag plate will... Continue Reading →

Portrait of a friend

Making portraits with just one single light source from the window is just annoyingly limited, though I could have a great big reflector (which I don't have), or just to go out and borrow from the university their LED panel... Continue Reading →


A workspace is always a sacred space, regardless of how small apartment may be, as this where I hangout most of the time during day/night. Which means the space is built to deter household chores, temporarily, though I could not... Continue Reading →

Camera “Baginet”

Luggage Bag to Storage Cabinet   Routine trips to car boot certainly brings a lot of oddities to home. Junks mostly, thinking if any of the items not related to home decor or apparels will be of any use. One... Continue Reading →

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