Returning to my image-making roots, I work exclusively only on the wet plate collodion process for the making of images. In near future, I will be providing daguerreotypes as well.

I offer a limited number sessions throughout the year  for portraits and commercial sessions.

For the wet plate process, the substrates will range between the smallest of 1/6th of a plate till up to 10″ x 12″. Please do get in touch for consultation on your requirements for your session.


Interested for a portrait of your likeness done as they were in the 19th Century? Let’s have a proper several hours of your life in a non-digital experience! Please do note as follow:

  • Preparing for the session does takes time, the process is slow and not as energetic of todays fast thousand of images per minute. This process is slow and hand crafted one plate at a time.
  • The process can not be rushed. Allow several hours of your day and actually bring companion to have their curiosities answered of such process being done nowadays.
  • Several plates would be produced and it would be expected a good 3-4 plates would be done per session.
  • Natural, overcast light is best for this process. I am able to work outdoors and on-site with my built mobile darkroom.
  • Indoor-studio would be possible as well too.


For enquiries on bookings and fees, please do get in touch with me on my contact page here, thank you.


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