Demonstration of the Wet Plate Collodion

I was invited a few weeks ago to do a demonstration to private high school students of the Idrissi International School, to give an insight into early photographic process. I was very excited to have a chance to give a talk, the first for me to have an audience of young age here in Malaysia.


New Workplace+Space

It has been 4 months since my last post and my work activities had shifted me back to my home country, Malaysia. I had been busy with my move, sorting out the space for my darkroom (which I admit, building it is so much worth the energy). But what is important is for me to... Continue Reading →

Tank Dipper

Granted that most of the heated curve acrylic dippers are fine for usage, one thing I never favour much about it, is that it acted like a ladle. This re-designed piece will reduce the problem.

Kodak Brownie Mod

It is a beautiful piece of camera... lightweight, solid, and one part which I favour the most, was it’s viewfinders: large, bright and clear. That is the fantastic part about the Kodak Brownie Six-20s to be converted for Wet Plate camera.

Silent Grundner Shutter Mod

Since the pneumatic part of the Silent Grundner Shutter were shot or jammed up and stuck, as expected after 100 years which was made of vulcanised rubber, I had to figure out a way of using it as the bellows were quite fantastic shape and still in good condition.

Bamboo Filter Stand.

My current filter stand is a simple, bashed in plywood with a small hole at the to hold the filter funnel. Running through many filtering sessions from developers, collodion, and various other filtrations, I admit, it is a contraption which I realised that I had abused it for the past few years. The top was... Continue Reading →

Head Braces

All the fuss about head braces for portraits is basically to firmly 'touch' the sitter's head, neither clamping their heads down, nor grabbing them, Which I think it might as well be a torture contraption if it is so! It is like a cold, hard fingers firmly touch the back of your head and making the sitter aware, not too uncomfortable, that it is there for you to keep still.

Portable Darkbox

The box were gathered literally at a worthless price as one could find something like this scattered on the street. It was taken in, sanded and coated with wood dye. The internal part of the box were coated with Bonda Seal, just to add bit more protection as I know there will be some sort of silver nitrate spill that will eat away the surface (probably right through it at some point).

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