Kodak Brownie Mod

It is a beautiful piece of camera... lightweight, solid, and one part which I favour the most, was it’s viewfinders: large, bright and clear. That is the fantastic part about the Kodak Brownie Six-20s to be converted for Wet Plate camera.


The MW Classic

You probably have seen their brass lenses, old cameras, and various camera accessories over at their eBay page, or their website listings which they consistently update almost on weekly basis. MW Classic is  one of few places for camera goods in London, particularly if you are looking for old camera gears and brass lenses such... Continue Reading →

Sliding Box Camera

Few days back, Tony Richards had asked me to do a pickup for a sliding box camera which is just 10 minutes away from where I live. Darn, how does he find these stuff from the online radar? It is a good gamble for him, something which one would consider getting as I think in... Continue Reading →

Camera “Baginet”

Luggage Bag to Storage Cabinet   Routine trips to car boot certainly brings a lot of oddities to home. Junks mostly, thinking if any of the items not related to home decor or apparels will be of any use. One of many was a luggage brown bag which I thought was a nice piece, seems... Continue Reading →

Mr Cad

Mr Cad of London While visiting the city of London for a day, I had the chance to drop by few places which is of interest for old photo enthusiasts: Mr CAD and a camera antique store in Portobello Road (see here for the blog post) Though I did not have the time on this visit... Continue Reading →

obscura doodles

While searching for a wooden camera, or even considering in building one for my own, I recall the time when I was in photo 101 when we had to work with the most basic scraps, household items, or found materials in making small dark chamber with oiled paper as a screen. Note: what was interesting... Continue Reading →

Annual Photo Bievres, Paris, France 2014. For all your love of the 19th century and early 20th century photographic tools and apparatuses. Arriving at 10am, seems to me most of the sellers had themselves prepared early for the afternoon crowd. There's a BBQ which entice the crowd before stepping into the photo fair. Contemporary equipment... Continue Reading →

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