Daguerreotype Fuming Box (Ver 3-3) – March 2015

The current version 3-3 utilised the American strike-through fuming box design, though this particular box design carries a little twist of minimalist design to it. With the designs considered, the side panels were shaved off on the sides, the heights changed to make the entire function as compact as possible. Get in touch with me... Continue Reading →


Dag Fuming Box, Day 9

Day 9. With most of the major built for the fuming boxes prepared, now is for the smaller bits that goes with it. The lathe machine were used to prepare the wooden rod (18mm in diameter, or ¾"), which later these will be threaded manually with a wooden thread. Using Holly timber (trying to resist... Continue Reading →

Build it, and the image will come

Daguerreotype Sensitising Sliding Box (For 8 ½ x 15 inch Plate and smaller)  I was given a glass container to work a month ago to build a sensitising box around it. As seen in the image below, it was impregnated with the iodine fume and it gave quite a smell into my workspace. However, I had... Continue Reading →

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