Image-Objects: the quest with silver imaging

19th Century Image Making & equipments, wet plate collodion & daguerreotype

Demonstration of the Wet Plate Collodion

I was invited a few weeks ago to do a demonstration to private high school students of the Idrissi International School, to give an insight into early photographic process. I was very excited to have a chance to give a talk, the first for me to have an audience of young age here in Malaysia.

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Of the Poet…

I have been eager and ambitious to settle for another image-making session with another man whom I have high regards. As a matter of fact; he is a highly regarded by many for his literary works and poems. He is... Continue Reading →

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The perfect ‘likeness’ of the Tuns

The past few weeks was a great deal of anxiety and highly anticipation for me as I have a chance to have an image-making session, (a wet plate Collodion that is!), which was none other than with Malaysia’s previous Prime... Continue Reading →

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U-Wei’s Hanyut… Crossing Witnesses

The purpose of this image-making session was to prepare a few pieces for a group exhibition over at the Petronas Galeri, which curated under U-Wei based on his latest film, “Hanyut”. I had the privilege to have had watched this film over in London, and again during his private screening last month. The exhibition; “Wayang U-Wei Hanyut – Merentasi Saksi” (which I believe it translates as U-Wei’s ‘Hanyut’ Film – Crossing Witnesses), will be up from the 20th December to 12th February 2017.

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It was an interesting sit today for today’s wet plate shoot. I met with Mahen Bala and his colleague, Ms Law Siew Fei, which he introduced to me one of very few, and very important individual, Tuan Abdul Hai, an... Continue Reading →

Blue Mosque

After months in acquiring the chemicals, setting up my own darkroom, fixing up my cameras and the mini-darkbox that was damaged due to the shipment, testing chemicals in a controlled environment... finally I am out mobile again!

Finding the Wet Plate Collodion Darkness in Malaysia

The temperament in seeking the proper Collodion Salt Solution.

Meeting with new kindred brothers

It has been awhile since I last wrote into my wordpress blog. The move, the re-setting up of my own work space and darkroom, plus figuring out where everything needs to be since the move was almost literally an entire... Continue Reading →

New Workplace+Space

It has been 4 months since my last post and my work activities had shifted me back to my home country, Malaysia. I had been busy with my move, sorting out the space for my darkroom (which I admit, building... Continue Reading →

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